Privacy policy statement

Privacy Statement for Applications:

1. Duration of storage
My contact details, career information, and additional personal information provided by me (hereinafter “My Data”) will be used for the duration of the processing of my application. Upon completion of the application process, in case of rejection, My Data will be retained in accordance with applicable law and practice for a minimum of three (3) years – unless otherwise required by law. However, if I consented to entering into the applicant database, in accordance with applicable data protection laws, My Data may be additionally collected, processed and used within the scope of an electronic database to enable Hilti, Inc. (including any affiliated Hilti company, collectively the “Hilti Group”) to contact me for professional purposes and to potentially consider me within the scope of another job offering (hereinafter “Database Purpose”).

2. Legal Basis for Processing
The processing of My Data for the Database Purpose is based on consent and is not a statutory or contractual requirement or a requirement for entering into a contract.

3. Transfer to processors
Hilti may cooperate with other entities of Hilti Group and other third party data processors (e.g. talent acquisition platforms, IT service providers). These entities of Hilti Group and the service provider might be located in a country that does not provide the same level of data protection as my home country. In such case, Hilti ensures that these recipients will provide appropriate and adequate guarantees in contractual (e.g., EU standard contractual clauses) and/or other form regarding the achievement of an adequate level of data protection. I am aware that I can request copies of these guarantees from Hilti via the contact details provided in section 4.

4. Contact Details of the Controller
Hilti Inc., 7250 Dallas Pkwy #1000, Plano, TX 75024, USA